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Television and Hollywood Entertainment is Getting Worse

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

I have heard and read many criticisms that TV is getting worse. As I published in my last post, the Family Council in Arkansas and the Parents Television Council say in 2020, Hollywood is churning out less "family friendly" television. Some of the over-the-air stuff has been getting bad. A lot of streaming TV content is really bad.

Last April, I learned about a particular TV show that had been streaming for awhile. What surprised me is how I missed the news that this show had debuted? The show has been streaming on a particular online subscription service.

When I learned about the show and who was starring on it, I was curious. When I saw a few clips on the Web, I had to search the news headlines what critics and fans had been saying. Most critics were not happy with it. Many fans and families were very disappointed with it. MovieGuide, Focus on the Family's PluggedIn, and the Parents Television Council were among those who summed it up--this particular TV show was not "family friendly" that show's star actor had claimed a few weeks before the show's debut. I saw the star's claim from a Fox News interview.

The actor involved seemed to brush off the criticism as no big deal when critics and fans said anything. That was what I was reading and seeing until I watched this one actor visit a well-known Protestant private college. This school uploaded a video from the meeting where this actor was back for a visit. The news media missed what was truly said. Even the school's news service missed some important comments.

In the clip, the excuse given was "it's just a character." However, I was watching closely. I hope this particular actor will soon be able to come forward and repent for what happened within the show.

Shortly after this actor's visit to that school, the TV show in question finally "tanked." Declining viewership is partially suspected the show's demise. While I do not wish actors to lose a job, this particular show was on very shaky ground from the beginning even behind-the-scenes. I would strongly recommend that this particular TV show be a case study example of when a professing Christian who is in acting gets stuck and appears to compromise in an acting role. I suspect the actor's contract prohibited any behavior that could negatively hurt the show while in production or while being broadcast. With a streaming TV service, when is an actor free to express their true opinions especially if the professing Christian is unable to apologize or publicly ask for forgiveness from the fans. The actor may have privately told family--maybe some close friends. I do not know the actor personally. I have no idea if this has happened or not. I live far from Hollywood, and I have no inside information.

After self-publishing my book last fall, I discovered actor T.C. Stallings and his website. I recently discovered his YouTube video series, TCSLive. On the January 30, 2019 episode, T.C. shared an issue for professing Christians both inside and outside the entertainment industry. I have linked to his video.

Video is property of TC Stallings and Team TC Productions/Purpose Studios.

T.C.'s video is based on a blog entry that he made on his website back in November 2018. Here is the link to T.C.'s blog post on Entertainment:

Last year, I saw no one was really taking any stand when a professing Christian starred on a mislabeled show with a TV-G rating that was later changed to a TV-PG rating. I decided to step up and write this book "Bobby's Girls: A Novel." I believe God called me to write this book...the longest document I have ever written so far; the first book I have ever published. Please consider purchasing and reading the book today. If you do, please leave a review. "Bobby's Girls: A Novel" is available on Amazon Kindle (e-book and print-on-demand), Apple Books (e-book), and Barnes & Noble (Nook and print-on-demand).

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